Sunday, 30 September 2012

B&W Sunday

I almost forgot to post for B&W Sunday, in the midst of all that reminiscence.

Happy Full Moon Day, my friends!
My sweet Darwin

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Today is the 15th day of the 8th Lunar month and it is a Full Moon day. Every year on this day, Chinese all over the world will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

The legend involves a woman who flew to the Moon.
Traditionally, people would give food offerings to Heaven and the Moon, and recite poems to praise the beautiful Moon. There are several versions of legends linked to this festival. If you are interested to find out more, see here.

In my family, we stopped doing food offerings to the Moon after my grandparents passed away. We just gathered as a family to enjoy mooncakes and sip tea while chatting and having a good time. Being together with family is something that is so easy for most of us to take for granted and I only realised how much I miss this after I left home to study in London.
Lanterns, tea, fruits are all parts of this Festival
Every year that I have been away from home, I get very nostalgic on this day. I remember when I was in London and feeling terribly lonely, I stuffed myself with mooncakes and cried. Those mooncakes are really tasty but extremely high in calorie, hehe. Do try it if you ever get the chance.

Mooncakes, best enjoyed with Chinese tea
I usually celebrate this day with my family and people I love (friends and relatives). When we were younger, our parents would buy us paper lanterns and we would walk around our housing area with our little, cute lanterns. I remember I had many differently-shaped lanterns when I was a young child e.g. a rabbit, a butterfly, a fish and the typical round type (see photos).

I had a lantern very similar to this

The most typical type of paper lantern. I always burned up mine because I was careless.

An alternative is to use battery-operated lanterns. Safer for children and careless kids, hehe.

During this time, lanterns of all kinds of shapes and sizes are on sale

My mummy always asked me to choose my own lantern. I want to be a great mummy too.

Tonight, when I was walking back from playing badminton, I took these photos of the full moon while thinking of those I love back home. 

View of the full moon from my flat

Isn't she gorgeous?

When I looked at the moon, I saw these:

My first baby, Rich Boy

My second baby, Sasa

Piggies are actually out in the 'wild', on their FIRST ever camping trip with Cindy and Bill. I really hope they are admiring the full moon too. I can almost hear their wheeking sounds :) 

To my family, I want to say I love you & I miss HOME!

To my babies, mummy loves you very very much! 
Please forgive me for not being with you now.

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Moon too. 


Disclaimer: Many of the photos used are not mine. I found them from a google search and most of them are labelled. Only the last 4 photos belong to

HELP! I'm on Fire

Rich Boy: I set eyes on the most beautiful girl this morning. My mum says her name is Susie. But my mummy says I can't go around chasing other people's sweethearts. Apparently Susie is not available, but I am just putting myself out there. Susie, I'm HERE, and I'm hotly in Love.

PS: I'm just goofing around with some new apps that I downloaded this morning. But, I am staying true to Rich's personality; He is a real CASANOVA. He just adores all most females (another story for another day) and no matter how many times he got turned down, he would never back down. I got very embarrassed whenever I took him out for walks but I got to give the guy credit for Persistence!

Have a Wonderful Weekend, my friends.

PPS (from Rich): Susie, I hope you like this. I asked my mummy to make this SPECIALLY for YOU
my Cara Mia (blowing kisses).

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Boys and Girls, ready for some FUN?

BLOGVILLE, are you ready for SOME FUN?

Girls, play this music as you read on.

For all my girlfriends in blogville, I hereby present the Blogville DIVA Award badge, inspired by Sasa!
For those with BOOBIES only. ALL SIZES are eligible, hehe
Boys, you have this cool badge below (inspired by Rich Boy). It comes with this song (play this video below)

For BLOKES only. Wearing this gives you back your BALLS.

Are you in the MOOD yet? I think the music and badges should get you pretty excited by now. 

What you need to do to earn this badge:

1) Write a short story about you, or your family or friends, with reference to at least one movie (see examples here and here and here)

2) Copy and paste the badge on your sidebar. 

3) Invite ALL your friends to join.

 I'm turning this into a contest. It'll be a battle of the sexes: either BOYS or GIRLS win! 

At the end of the year (31st Dec 2012), a neutral judge will decide whether the girls or boys have the most creative entries. If you want your story to be considered for this contest, leave a comment on my blog with the link to your blog post. If you don't want to join the contest, just write your story for FUN and/or tell ALL your blogpals about this. 
Thank you.

The winning group (boys or girls) will receive a mysterious GIFT 

 Final Words from my sources of inspiration:

Sasa: GIRLS, show the boys what we've got. We have to WIN this!

Rich Boy: Nah, my men will win this all right. Are you with me on this, buddies?

Sasa: After all that excitement, I am knackered. I'm going to get my BS (beauty sleep) now. Meow!

Rich Boy: Oh yeah, now you want to compete with sleep too? OK, OK...I can do this. Let's see who can sleep longer.

Sasa: Brother, don't want to do this with me. I am A CAT...


Come join our GAME!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sasa's Story

Meow, meow...this is MY story. I know my brother has bored you with his tale of woes and the history of his awful name.

Now, it is my turn. I promise my story is ACTUALLY interesting.

        My lovely mummy found me starving outside her office one day, close to 5 years ago now. She just came back from her vacation in Greece and fell in love with cats. Greeks love their cats!

      Pegasus was the kitten who changed her entire stereotypical mindset about cats and he was rescued by her friend. Pegasus was found stuck under a car engine, meowing for his life. 
Pegasus when he was just a kitten

           When my mum saw me, she thought of Pegasus and how sweet that cat was. She took me home to feed me. Then, she up notices all around the area because I was wearing a very nice collar, so probably someone's pet, she thought. But no one ever called to claim me (whisper: I was naughty. I ran away from home and some stray knocked me up!). I don't even remember my old house anymore.

When I was a kitten and I ONCE owned that CUTE PINK bed.

         My first few days in my new home, I had to endure a lot of negative comments and insults from my grandparents. They really did not want to keep another four-legged creature. They complained that my poo poo and wee wee stank to high heavens. And that I was shedding all over the house. To make matters worst, my big bully brother was so territorial and mean. 

Don't let that face FOOL you. He is a BIG BULLY, a real ALPHA Male.
         Honestly, listening to negative comments and dealing with all that hostility from them were as bad as being thrown down a rubbish chute. At least Verdell probably got a thrill out of that ride down the condo's rubbish chute.

Melvin Udall hated Verdell in the beginning of the movie.

See that look on Jack Nicholson's face? That was exactly how my granddad in particular was behaving towards me. 

Cold, distant and devoid of Love. 

      Gradually, I worked my charm around the home. Without realising how it happened, one day my grandmum just noticed my granddad voluntarily going to the night market to buy me fresh fish and preparing my meal (freshly cooked fish) every afternoon. It's like Verdell getting good quality bacon from Melvin.

He just dotes on me! Yes, spoilt me rotten. Our relationship evolved into this:

My granddad and I are just like that

      When he stays up late to watch football (aka soccer in North America), I would curl up very close to him and kept him company. When he goes to the toilet, I would rush inside to spend some quality, alone time with him. Granddad uses his feet to tickle my belly and I'll have the time of my Life. Whenever grandmum and granddad call my name, I would run really fast towards them, no matter how far I have wondered away from home. 

The way their faces light up when they see me is just like this:

My life now is really As GOOD as it GETS and I am a VERY happy cat! 


PS: Maybe, just maybe, my life can be a tad better if they get rid of THAT dog. Thank you for reading my story. I will reveal Blogville's DIVA badge tomorrow.

Rich Boy: Sis, do you know what my favourite line in that movie is?

Sasa: "The best thing you have going for you is your willingness to humiliate yourself???" MOL!!!

Rich Boy: Haha, very funny. NO! It's this:

"Receptionist: How do you write women so well?
Melvin Udall
: I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."


As Good As It Gets is probably one of my favourite romantic comedies. I have seen the movie like 87 million times, with and without commentaries on, with and without subtitles on. I don't know anyone who does not like this movie. If you have not seen it, PLEASE get your arse out there and rent/buy that DVD. Actually, I think I am going to watch it again, right now.

Again, I am taking this opportunity to promote CL's blog. It is all about movie reviews, usually bad movies, if you are into that kind of stuff.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is going to be wordy but wonderful Wednesday over here. Last night, I got to spend several magical hours with two very sweet African love birds. They belong to a friend of mine, Leslie. In fact, you've met her before (see here). That was Leslie cuddling Darwin.

NOW, Everybody, meet Azul and Olive!

The 2 love birds perched on Leslie's back
Azul, posing for me. He loves getting his pictures taken.

Leslie teased them for being a gay couple because just look at them, they are inseparable and very affectionate.
Inseparable Brothers, just like my piggies

Leslie left them in my flat for several hours and they were literally, all over me. The photo below was taken with them perched on my left arm.

Knock, knock! Who's there? Azul and Olive!!!!

That's them on my couch with their dinner. They love eating rice!

That's the same photo as above but with some fancy frame to bring out their lovely colours. 

Lastly but most importantly, I am starting a new trend of hair accessory :)

If you love these birdies, leave me a comment. I only took like 87 gazillion photos last night and I would love to share them with you. Azul and Olive would love to be featured as a regular too. 


PS: I've got the new DIVA badge designed and ready to go! Ladies, pop by tomorrow to collect your 'honours'. I promise, it'll be FUN FUN FUN!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Alpha Male Movie Award II

Hello my friends,

I apologise for disappearing. It's the same old shit (pardon my language). Life just dimmed out for me during this awful period. Good news is I'm BACK! :)

Two weeks ago, Rich Boy gave out a super cool award to Goose but he had to pass (something about his mom's creative block). Also, after having some time to think, we decide it is best to nominate 5 (alpha) males each time to make sure the award passes along efficiently and that every paw and tail with balls, in blogville can receive this honour in no time at all. Also, any paw or tail reading this are also award winners!!! The more the merrier! Please see details of the award here.

So, I'm calling upon the Mighty Alpha Male of all, Rich Boy to give his speech.

Yoooh, mates!

Rich here. It is an honour to be put on this pedestal again. I am awarding 5 super dooper cool blokes for this award on this beautiful Monday evening. Buddies, hear me out: wear this badge proudly, because, regardless of what your human(s) and vet did to you, this badge gives you back your cojones! Woof!Woof!Woof! BOL. 

The 5 award winners are...

(Drum roll.....)

1) Zim-Zim (you nailed it with those shots of your shades, pal) and Dave from Army of Four Digest

2) Mayor Frankie Furter and Sarge, for their creative energy and dedications to enriching blogville.

3) My God, Bert! and my sister's biggest crush, Allred from Four Legged Views

4) The sweetest doodles, Murphy and Stanley we get to watch growing up

5) The scientist, Bouncing Bertie! (my other bros, Darwin and Einstein voted for you. I wonder why)

6) YOU, if you are reading this and feeling creative, Write us a story, make us happy.  

In the spirit of creativity, I will share one more story with you which is in line with the requirement for this award (again, see here). My mum promised a while back ago to tell this story but who better than me to spill all the details of my 'torture' in Guantanamo jail! 

(theme song from Forrest Gump playing)

It was my first week being in my new home. My human at the time (now she has earned the honour to be my mum) was so inexperienced, she used negative reinforcement to train me. My previous human (more like monsters in disguise as pet shop owners!) told her to do that and she stupidly listened. I never had a normal puppyhood, you see. I was locked up in a cage for 10 months and was constantly being experimented on. They cropped my tail so short, constantly shaved my hair to create this super curly-hair-look people demand in poodles and they had an Indonesian maid pulling hair out of my ears with her bare hands! They gave me up when I barked too much. SO glad those days are over! 

So, my mum adopted me. She didn't know my past until much later. Of course, my first few nights in my new home, everything was so exciting, I had to bark and howl. Freedom is so liberating, I had to have my voice heard, right? My mum was so mad, she stormed out from her bedroom looking like this: 

Photo taken from
She took a cane and was about to hit me. No, she didn't have the balls to do it (smirk). She just faked it by hitting the floor several times, making that scary sound. Still, I was terrified!!! I almost peed my pants (Yes, she made me wear pants too at that time). Then, she grabbed me and locked me inside this Pandora box. The box is so scary, it is like that cube in the movie Cube. There was just no way out! 

I hear they call it a toilet but I call it HELL or how about Guantanamo Jail? I felt so claustrophobic. I panicked! 
A scene from the movie Cube. He looks exactly like how I was feeling at the time. TRAPPED!
I just had my freedom and a home, and real LOVE. Don't take all these away from me just because I did what all dogs do. It was just a few barks! Well, I scratched at that wall for maybe like an ETERNITY before she let me out. Then, she hugged me and told me never to disturb her sleep. I never step my paws into that box, ever again, even when they place treats in there. Puppyhood nightmare, man! BUT I continue to disturb their sleep be on guard when everyone else is asleep.

Now, go pass on my award and make me a happy man-dog. I know my mum will be very proud too. 

Cheers mate!
Rich Boy

Cube is a very under-rated, Canadian-made movie, with a very low budget but extremely effective and absolutely a joy to watch. Do give it a try if you have not seen it. 

Again, I am taking this opportunity to promote CL's blog which is all about movies, mostly bad ones e.g. The Twilight Saga (eyes-rolling). He spends a lot of time thinking up good lines and funny jokes that I don't really know how to appreciate. Hehe. As you can tell by now, I am only into good movies. I guess the least I can do is help him promote it. 


PS: Sasa is determined to start her very own award just for divas. So hang on there, ladies. We'll be awarding you something glamorous soon. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

"As G-d is my witness, I'll never be hungry again"

Einstein has outsmarted Darwin! For years, he had to endure having his food stolen by Fatty because he is the submissive one. 

Einstein tipping his food bowl to reach his food

Recently, he has learnt that if he tips his food bowl to face inside the box, then runs inside the box through the other end, he can have the food all to himself (see photo)!

Smartypants in action! Darwin cannot fit into the box to steal Einstein's food :D

Good for him, smartypants! I hope he will gain some healthy weight soon.

Einstein tipping his food bowl again to enjoy his hay

What can I say? If it works once, keep doing it!

Conclusion: Rodents can be really smart too...


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monday Musings

Last weekend, Cindy sent me these heart-warming photos. I was supposed to be working on my thesis but many of you commented that I should go out for some fun, so I did. More on that later, maybe tomorrow.

Can you see the bell hanging on the side? Piggies chew on it for fun.
Now everyone can see Darwin's full-bodied figure :)
Einstein never lets go any chance to chew.He is chewing the paper here.
Darwin showing his best feature i.e his big, round bun.
It's OK, this is good too. Apples will be best!
Einstein contemplating Science, again
Do you love the colour of their fleece bedding? I think it really contrasts well with piggies' coat.

Needless to say, piggies are very pampered with Love and Care. Thank you, Cindy and Bill! 


PS: I am too lazy today to mark every single photo so I am just going to state here in bold: all photos and text are copyrighted to Please ask for permission before use :)