Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter, every paw and tail!!!

Here are some of the latest photos that I received from Cindy.

Piggies are enjoying Easter. Hope you are having fun too. I miss piggies soooo much!!!

Easter= nom, nom, nom!!! hehe

Look at that SWEET face!!!

What is it that Darwin had on his head? How could Darwin resist a TREAT?

Easter always reminds me of that first time I experienced Easter egg-hunting. It was CL who came up with the idea; letting a 28-year old experience something new ONCE. We coloured our eggs together, he hid them downstairs and I searched! Took me a while to find my last egg, hehe. In the following year, I asked him if we could do it again, and his reply was," Honey, that was a ONE-time deal, just so you can experience what we, Americans do as kids."

Love is when two people truly embrace and accept each other's individuality, SHARE and help one another reach greater heights!!! I experienced so many wonderful first-times when we were still together.

Our LOVE will never die...

Miss CL so much on Easter day.

Have a good one!!!


Saturday, 30 March 2013


Days are getting longer...
Sun is out most days...
Flowers are blooming...
But, my pigs are no longer around...

I am feeling nostalgic.
I once had a HOME in Vancouver,
now I don't.

Rebuilding takes Time,
and Patience.

May Blogville never forget,
these two lovely guinea pigs.


Darwin, the Destroyer! He throws tantrum by flipping over the bowl, serious!

Living Life Large!!! :D
Einstein, the pig who shriek!!! (like a GIRL)

He has an innate curiosity unparalleled by other simple rodents. A true scientist in the making! :D

These photos were from a while back ago, sent to me from Cindy, the best granny EVER!!! I am soooo happy piggies are with her because they are so spoilt and pampered with LOVE.

I just wish I could hold them in my arms and hear them make those cute sounds again.


PS: I know I must have lost most of my followers. My bad! I am going home, FINALLY after close to 3 years :) for 6 weeks. Will be updating my blog with interesting travel stories, photos of FOOD and FUN places to share. You will get to see more of my dog and cat too. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!