Saturday, 7 July 2012

Our Happy List

Hi, every paw and every tail, 

We are back! Today, piggies and I are going to compile a long list of all the things that have made us really happy this week. Ready?

Darwin: ONE, Mummy is NOT scary anymore. WHEEK!!!

Einstein: We don't have to do this around her anymore. WHEEEEEEKKK!

"I'm not coming out even if my butt gets stuck."

"I'm staying here till your PMS goes away."

"My butt is NOT stuck, bro."

"Bro, is it safe now for me to come out? See, she was so MEAN, our bowl was empty!"

Mummy: Yeah, that is no. 1 on the list, hah?  

Einstein: TWO, weather has been Great with a capital G. 

Darwin: We get to go out every day and eat lots of fresh grass.

Einstein: You and your eating. 

Chom-chom, chom-chom. Fresh grass is real yummy.

Darwin: Not just eating. THREE, we get to bask under the sun. I love the tan on my nose and midriff. How about you, bro? 

Einstein: Look at me! Do I need more tan? I just love to chill outdoor and feel the fresh air and breeze. 

Darwin tanning his midriff while eating
"Bro, I want a cute red nose like yours so I am tanning mine."

" I prefer to stay under the shade. I absorb heat as quick as Darwin finishes his food."
"Mummy, I love this canopy. Wheek, for taking this out with us."
Einstein: FOUR, most importantly, being relaxed like this helps us think up of new scientific theories to test. 

Darwin: Yeah, we are going to find out how to maintain this weather forever! Fresh grass every day, WHEEEEEKKKK! Back to eating.

" I think this experiment will work. Let's try it out."
" Don't worry about funding. We can sell our poops as fertilisers to bring in more funds."

Mummy: Is it MY turn now, piggies? I got a tan too, on my feet. Hehe.

Just so you know I am real. Hehe

E&D: Yes, mummy. Go ahead. 

Darwin: What makes you happy, makes us WHEEEKKK too. 

Mummy: FIVE, the other night, I woke up at around 4am and saw this beautiful full moon. 

Einstein: She was missing daddy. She never wakes up in the middle of the night to feed me.

Which one is THE moon?
Mummy: I showed this to Rich boy over skype webcam and his reply was, " Mummy, which one is THE moon?":)
"Isn't this beautiful? Remington would be pleased if he sees this."

Darwin: SIX, Mummy spent a super long time on skype with our other big bro and sis. She was sooo happy. 

Einstein: Yes, we got to meet The Predator and Miss Scary Species. He was huge and scary whereas she looked so hungry, like Nellie, the cat from hell. I freaked out. Are you sure we are related, bro?

" That's The Predator. He will chase us like we are squirrels. Stay away, bro."

"Don't they look alike? Well, dogs smell like this to us, piggies."

Rich boy was so happy to meet piggies. Yes, he wants to PLAY chase with them.

"Let me think of a good recipe to go with all that meat."

Grandma giving Sasa a deep massage to let her forget about 'killing' piggies.

Mummy: Last one, SEVEN, I love seeing my pets sleep.This week, I get to watch piggies sleep under the sun. They looked so at peace. I think they have really learnt to feel safe around me and their crate. 

"All that eating is so much hard work. Let me catch a nap."

Post-prandial nap and chilling under the rays of sunlight. Perfect!!!

Einstein: I don't think these are the REAL reasons Mummy is soooo Happy. 

Darwin: Let me say it. 

Einstein: NO, let ME wheeeeekkk it out to our readers.

Darwin: DADDY IS COMING HOME TONIGHT. There, I said it.

D&E: WHHHHEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!! :) :) :) 


  1. That just figures... the piggies get the nice weather.

  2. Hi Darwin, Einstien and Mommy
    Hmmm, me thinks Sasa is my kind of girl!
    But my Mommy has been telling mes that yous guys would not tastes very good. She says the piggies like yous guys would not be tasty for cats like mices is. She says that yous is fun to watch for kitties, just like bird TV.

  3. Hey D. & E. NICE outting and Lovely LUNCHEON.

  4. OK... I just saw your comment... I was wondering if all that FRESH GRASS would give you GAS... You gotta get in the Olympics!!! Tune those Pharrrrrrts and let em RIIIIIIP.

    1. LOL...cabbage will give piggies gas. I'll see to it they get some soon :)

  5. Loved all the pictures! They are all so cute. That's their airplane carrier, right? Good thing to get them used to it. I know Daddy is happy about coming back to see the 3 of you too. Eat more grass...hehehe

    1. Yes, that is their crate. We are training them to get used to being in there. I think they are used to it now and loved it. Einstein naps in there all the time.

  6. What a bunch of cutie pie pictures. I love grass too and I dont' get that much of it cause we dont' have any here at CanineCountryClub. I have to get My Vickie to take me to a park to graze.

    We are still trying to figure out why your posts don't show up in our side bar. anybody got any ideas for us.

    Bert and My Vickie

    1. I think I will email someone who is a real expert on blogging to ask about this :) Get back to you when I have news.

  7. Great happy list. I love to be in the grass too. I like to eat it, and roll in it and nap in in.

  8. Loved the pictures, they were all so cute!!


  9. Gotta say, you sure tell a good story. And it sounds like you'll have a nice evening!

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley

  10. Wow, that was a great post, I love seeing all the pictures of you guys. I am glad you have nice weather. It is very hot here in Michigan so I haven't been out very much lately and we have storms and boombooms which I don't like. I hope it stays nice for you and I am glad Mommy is feeling better.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Smiled at reading your post , nice one. Have a great Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Love the pictures of your rabbits. They are too cute. All your animals look great. This was a fun visit.
    Could you please send me your email address so I can contact you about the Auction for Annie that you have very nicely made a bid on that nice purse. Also while you send me your email, you might as well send me your address. Thanks again for taking part in the auction.

  13. I forgot to give me my address. It is Thanks again

  14. Those all sound like good reasons to be happy to me!

  15. Oh, your daddy coming home sounds like the happiest news EVER!!!

  16. What a great happy list! I'm so glad you guys all got to get out and enjoy the sun. How great that your Daddy will be back home! :)

  17. Hi this is Marg again from the Auction where you made a bid on the broach and I just need you to pay for the Broach and send me your mailing address. You can pay for the broach by going back to the Auction site, and pay on the Chip-in on the sidebar. My email is if you have any questions. Please get in touch with me.

  18. We sure hope you aren't lunch for those other critters! Looks like you had a fun day in the sun! Yay for daddy coming home!

  19. I am so happy your daddy came home! Even though I do not have a daddy, I know you love yours very much.
    Your very cute laying in your beds and in the sunshine. You look like you would be nice snuggle buddies!


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