Saturday, 29 December 2012

We have MORE cards coming!

My apology for the return of all those xmas cards for Sankissjuice and her critters :) It was an oversight on my part because I forgot that my residence would return all mails not addressed to the residents currently registered in the building.

Good news is I have been receiving more Xmas cards! Better late than never, I say :)

Just a quick note to say how much I love these cards and appreciate having them being displayed in my flat. My roomie loves them too. Makes our little place cosier and warmer. Lots of puppy love!!!! :)

Happy New Year, Blogville!!!! 2013 will be an even better year! Get ready to ROCK it! :D

I'll be back,

PS My apology for not leaving any comments lately. I am too busy trying to regain some semblance of a social life and distracting myself from unpleasant memories. I hardly ever spend any quiet time alone. Being alone in my room is not good right now.

PPS I just got back from Vegas!!!! And Rich Boy just had an awesome haircut. Will share his photos soon.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sasa's got a MOUSE!

I was chatting with mum via skype this morning and Sasa was all ADD (attentian deficit disorder), doing all kinds of gestures to get my mum's attention.

So, my mum took a couple of photos to show me. I saw Sasa rubbing her head on my mum's arm and swaying her little tail. She has such a sweet temperament. No wonder she won over everyone in the family, especially my dad. She totally OWNS that man, hehe.

Sniffing the MOUSE first before launching an ATTACK!!!

"Look, mummy! Look, grandma! I've got a MOUSE. Meow!"

Have a Wonderful Mid Week!


Saturday, 1 December 2012

I am going to CRY...

I received THREE proper Christmas cards with real colourful stamps from all parts of the world TODAY! (so touched, I feel like crying. Seriously!)

Well, they're not for me, I know but I can hear piggies wheeking, see Rich wagging his tail and Sasa rubbing herself on the computer from pure joy. On behalf of my critters, I want to THANK you all, and Jazzi for organising this wonderful activity. I will be sending out e-cards from my end pretty soon ( I absolutely love real paper cards but I am also an environmentalist now and a rather monetarily-challenged one too, hehe).

I will open these in front of the webcam while skyping with my critters :) so they can see your beautiful Xmas cards!


Just a quick note of clarification: my situation is much better now. I passed my thesis defense! I have been busy having fun and making new friends. I am much happier now. I haven't been posting on blogville because I HATE the design of my blog now, hehe. I need a new header but I haven't got the time to sit down and figure out how to use all the fancy design softwares and apps I have got downloaded. Hence, the silence. Also, I have been having problems leaving comments via my ipad but I AM reading your blogs!

If anyone has any tips on blog designing, I would really appreciate a few tips (

Here are some of the latest from my babies: ( I am so home-sicked and I miss them terribly)

Rich missing his mummy

Darwin & Einstein's socks! courtesy of Cindy and Bill Maitland

Einstein resting on top of Cindy

Rich Boy after grooming

I can hear my mummy's voice through this chunky box

I made mum put this on Rich boy for Halloween. He was dressed for 10 minutes only (hehe) as a human kid :)


Piggies on Veteran Day/ Remembrance Day

Who is the turkey? Hehe
                                                                 I LOVE BLOGVILLE!!!!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Camping Pigs

News about piggies: 

Einstein scared the bejeezus out of Cindy a couple of weeks ago. He jumped from her grasp, fell on his face, broke his teeth and went on as usual. His THIRD time doing this crazy stunt.

I think he loves the attention he gets from being injured because without his teeth, we have to pick him up, hand feed him tiny pieces of soft green veggies. And of course, he gets to eat all of HIS food, with no Darwin around to steal share.

Cindy felt so bad she cried. She really does treat them just like her own grandpiggies. I think piggies are very lucky to have such a GREAT grandmammaw who spoils them rotten!

Bill & Cindy planned a camping a while back ago and wanted to bring them pigs along. Problem was, with Jumpy performing such a stunt, anyone would be afraid to bring him along. 

They resorted to buying them a leash, or attempted to buy each of them one. Well, surprise, surprise...Fatty could not fit into his leash!


From what I gathered, Einstein's leash was a wee bit too big for the skinny pig, so Cindy had to tighten it real well. While Darwin just had to be content with no leash.

She said, " I ain't worry about Darwin. I can outrun that one! It's Einstein I am worried about." 

Einstein wearing his leash

I really like Einstein's leash. He looks like a military pet, like those cool military K-9s, serving his country to take care of all the WEED! 

WHEEK, WHEEK...Yes, We WEED THEM OUT, one NOM at a time!

Military pig in ACTION...WEEDING is hard work.

Not to forget, piggies always have their best guard around:

Harley snoozing while on guard post

Cindy told me that whenever piggies chatter their teeth, which is often, Harley would ask to be picked up so she can check on them. That particular sound they make can come off sounding scary to those not used to them but usually it happens when they are kinda fighting for FOOD, haha (Remember Darwin steals Einstein's food all the time!). 

Harley must worry about them getting into a fight or something. Isn't she sweet?

Harley: " Let me check on those cuties."

"Woof! Woof! They are FINE, maw! Bring me a BBQ sausage!"

Their RV
Nice BED!

Spoilt pig!

Knackered after camping!

Thank you, Cindy and Bill for taking piggies out for this adventure. It's their FIRST! 


Disclaimer: As usual, I am too lazy to mark every single photo. All photos are courtesy of Cindy@GA. Please be considerate and ask for permission before use. Thank you.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday Monstrosity and Happy Thanksgiving, Canada

I want to thank Mollie and Alfie & Molly, the Wally for these awesome spookified photos of my babies. It is such a great idea!!! I am using blogger app to post this so I cannot link to Mollie and Molly but you know who they are, right?

Just want to share some good news. I finally have my entire thesis written up and submitted to the boss! One more month of academic rigmaroles, then I will be done with THIS degree. Only to be followed by 5 more years of school to get a Permanent Head Damage...muahaha. So much for being done, right?

Oh wait! Today is not Monday? Oh No! my head is prematurely dementing...Sheesh...long holiday weekend and too much Thanksgiving food mess up my internal and external clock, haha.

Have a wonderful week!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Flashback Friday (1)

I was thinking of my piggies today. I know they are happy and well in Georgia but I can't help but to wish they were here with me.

So, this Flashback Friday is about them, my first pair of silly guinea pigs. I want to thank FiveSibes for organising this event. Their badge is on my sidebar, if you are interested to join the fun.

Einstein and his new bag of hay

Darwin roaming outside our residence in the summer

I saw that Hutch A Good Life is offering a make over service! So I sent them the above photos and received these in return:

My Einstein looks like a Golden Ester Bunny with that hat on :)

And the greedy Mr. Fatty is now a geeky-looking scientist, hehe. SO cute!

I miss my piggies!!! Thank you Hutch A Good Life!

Anyone interested in getting a make-over can head over there or send their mommy an email: roominyourheartcampaign(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk 
with your photo(s) attached and you'll receive your new looks almost instantly.  

Thank you, Nibbles, Buddy, Basil & Nutty.