Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Babies from Afar

Every weekend, I talk to my parents via skype and see my babies. They can hear me calling their names but it must drive them crazy with confusion.

"I can hear Mum's voice. It's coming through this box."

"I can hear her calling me too. Where is mummy?"

My mum showing off her grand-pup. He loves getting her attention.

"Am I going mad? AM I hearing voices in my head? I swear I can hear mummy but I CAN'T SMELL her!"

"Mummy, where are you? Please come back. I miss the kind of LONG WALKS we had."

"I am sad now. I can't find my mummy."

My mum helping Rich Boy to wave me Hello and Goodbye :(

" I think if I purr harder, our mummy will come HOME to us SOON."

"Do you think it'll work? I really miss my mummy."

"I think if I show her THIS LOOK, she will FLY come ASAP, hehe."        

This is basically how I have been dealing with being separated from my pets since July 2010; just seeing them over the webcam. I really hope they will still remember me when I go home next year. 


Einstein's Big Reveal

Ta Da!!!!!!

"This is my new favourite yum-yum!"
No paw or tail guessed correctly. It means I get to quiz ya'll again, next week. WHEEK!

Gotta pee,

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Einstein's Big Q

Einstein is in a very good mood. He would like to speak. Enjoy!

Hi every paw every tail,

I had some real yummy and it tasted soooo good, I thought I should share the joy with you all. Darwin and I had never tasted this yum-yum before. We really love it.

"I better finish this before my fat bro steals it."

The great Albert Einstein, who I am named after said, "Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know, whereas the true art of questioning is to discover what the pupil does know or is capable of knowing.” ( Quoted by Moszkowski in Conversations with Einstein (1920) 65.) 

You, my friends are not my students but I think you are capable of knowing the answer to my riddle. 

What do you think mummy just fed me? See below for clues:

"That yummy food stained my chin. This is not a birth mark!"

"This may be a better angle. Take a closer look."
"See, I have stains patterns on my foot too."

"Enough clues? Let's just say it was small enough to fit into my little mouth. Also, please tell her I need my nails cut."

If any paw or tail guesses correctly, you will all get to hear our happy BUBBLING. I will get mum to reveal the answer tomorrow. 

(whispering) I would like to know what that yum-yum is called too, but don't tell her, k?

Gotta pee,

PS She also said we'll get apples this weekend. WHEEK! Something about more comments, more apples. Remember, I'm the skinny one so I need more apples.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Pedigree's Write a Post, Help a Dog Campaign

I found out about this through Dozer and Coop and his best mate, The Daily Corgi.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A New Bag of Hay

I woke up late today. My bf, CL was not around. Started checking blogs and leaving comments.

Not too long afterward, he came home, threw a bag of goodies on the couch and proceeded to do this.

"My precious, my precious. I saw a tricoloured piggy in the pet store today but not as cute as you."
I reached for my ipad to snap a photo and Einstein reacted like this.

"Mummy, I am shy. OK, OK, you can show them my best feature. I like my red nose."

Want to know how Darwin reacts upon hearing that Einstein is getting petted?

"I can hear that. I know you're giving my bro something good. Hey, I am cute too! Take me, take me!"      

Can you tell Darwin has a broken foot? I'll tell you more about Darwin's accident soon. 

" Pleeeez. I want what he is having! I will report you to the Piggies Care Services for discrimination if you don't give it to me. "

"Aaaaahhhhh, the smell of fresh hay. Bro, aren't we the luckiest pigs in the world?"

"Wait a minute, Eintein, check this out! We are so cheap to feed! Only $7.69 for this huge bag of hay."  

Only? Are you kidding me?
"I see. There's a price tag here. Why does it matter, bro? Isn't it good that we are easy to care for?"

"NO, you dummy. It means we should WHEEK for more fresh veggies from mum and dad. They are being CHEAP." "Got it, bro. I know what to do now."
"Ahem, ahem. Mum, you know what this means, right? The price for posing is MORE FRESH veggies, preferably apples. You know how fatty always steals my food, right? "

Thank you for visiting us! Do leave a comment. We will give a bitesize of apple to piggies for every comment we receive. Hehe. I think this will work. 
I'll be back,


Monday, 25 June 2012

Introducing Venus

Venus is my cousins' puppy. She spent her puppyhood in my home and was Rich Boy's best playmate. They were inseparable, except when I intervened.

"Mum, please let Venus out. We won't play too rough anymore. Promise! I'm putting on my ANGRY face now!"

Look at their sad faces. They really were inseparable. 

Venus is not a pure-bred but we love her all the same. When the neighbour gave her to my cousin, she was the size of a palm and infested with lice and ticks. 

She is extremely sweet. She loves to give kisses to everyone, always on the lips. Everyone loves her, even after she chewed 3 shoes, my friend's Harry Potter book and Rich's fluffy ears. 

She was smaller than a floor mat! Now, she is BIG and muscular.
She has absolutely no clue of her small size.  Barks and acts like a tough girl. I heard it's called the Small Dog Syndrome. Cracked us up big time.

She has many nicknames including Girl-girl, Big Mouse (大老鼠),Kutu Mei. 

Venus wearing her favourite Mickey Mouse costume and her toy.

She no longer plays with Rich Boy now :( Until I get Rich Boy neutered, no bitch should be near this stud, you know what I mean :) First thing I will do when I go home.

"Rich, what's so interesting out there. You spent all night looking out the sliding glass door. Let's PLAY!" "Muuuummmmy, I think I have done enough guarding tonight. Can I play with Venus now?


Look at those shiny, round eyes. How could I say no to that, right?

I'll be back,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Worship

Wow! I woke up. First thing: check for comments & new followers (smiling sheepishly)

6 now! (Jumping on the bed) Soooo many comments and new friends!!! (bed collapsed)

Received a letter from Bert's angel, Vickie. Was told I am doing real good. 

So, Sunday is worship day. I have to do something to be thankful for all these wonderful new experiences.

Copyrighted to sankissjuice

Frankie Furter, I have turned off the Word Verification feature!!!!! Come and tell us how we are doing. You are the master of blogging, I have been told. 

Goose worries that Bert's head will grow bigger. I say, he needs a bigger head to match what I have been told is his big snooter. Haha!

Happy Sunday!!!!

PS Does anyone know of a good software/app for drawing comics? This is so amateurish but hope you get the idea.

PPS You may need to zoom in to read the words in the bubble. Sorry about that.

PPPS Next post will feature this once-upon-a-time little girl and granny's shield. Please come back to visit. 

Venus, when she was a puppy

Granny's shields

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma Cindy

Today is my boyfriend's mother's birthday. I saw piggies discussing in their cage how to celebrate this special day with their granny. 

They would like to say a few words to their special granny. 

"Size does not matter, Einstein. Grandma loves me all the same."
D: First of all, granny, don't listen to mummy. I am not fat, not fatter either. See for yourself. Life is great!
E: Yeah, yeah. 
D: We asked mummy to prepare a special gift for you. 

"Mummy, please be quick. I need to pee-pee." Darwin rolling his eyes.

E: Two Gerty's Crunchers with apple and blackberry flavours. It's specially for you since we don't like them.
D: NO! We love these. That's why we are giving you the best we have. Soooo, can I have a granny shield now? 

D (to Einstein): How many times do I have to teach you? You won't survive in the wild if you talk like that, you dummy.

More on granny's shields in the upcoming post(s). 

E: OK, OK. And two more berry flavored treats for you, grandma. Mum found out Koreans wear a special headgear called jokduri on special occasions. So, we are really doing this for you. 
D: He made me do it! Only girls wear jokduri, you dummy.   

A Korean woman wearing jokduri, a headgear worn on special occasions e.g. wedding. ( Source: Wikipedia)

D&E: In short, we give you our kinda heart-shaped treats. Happy Birthday, Granny!!!!! We love you so much.

D (whisper): Don't forget the granny's shield.

Introducing Sasa

I found her outside my office almost 4 years ago. She was lost. She was someone's pet for sure because she had a collar on.

I put up some posters but noone ever called for her so she became part of our family. She has a very sweet temperament. Rich boy bullies her in the house but she is smart...(tune in for more details later).

"Hi, my name is Sasa. Everyone says I am a sweet girl. This pink bed was mine. But Big Bully stole my bed. It's his now :("

Her stomach grew bigger and bigger in the next few weeks.

I remember my mum said, " This cat is PREGNANT!" and my dad argued, " NO! She is just a kitten. She is JUST fat."

What do you think?
"Please let me sleep. I am really tired."

Till we hear from you,

PS To match her sweet nature, we let her have everything in pink :)

Jokey Sunday


That is why it is not wrong to consider doggies as straightforward chaps :D

( Sources from 笑图俱乐部!!!保证笑死你

Friday, 22 June 2012

The Inseparable Brothers

"Peekaboo! My name is Darwin. I just want to say hello."
Darwin, the dominant brother aka Fat Boy or The Notorious P.I.G. He lives for two things i.e. eating and stealing food off his brother. But, he is extremely attached to Einstein.

"I'm freaking out. What is it you have pointing at my face? Mummy, I am going to poop if you don't put me back in my cage!"

 Einstein, the pig who freaks out over every little thing yet he loves to explore new surroundings. He is the skinny one because he frequently gets bored from eating. Guess who gets the bulk of the food?

"WELCOME to our blog!"


Peekaboo! My name is Rich and I lurrveeee food!


This is my first dog. His name is Rich boy aka ah boy, Richie boy.

My mum told me over skype that he stole some food off the dinner table this morning. He received no attention or petting this morning. So, Rich boy is reaching out to the blogville for Love. He said he knew he was wrong but he couldn't help it.