Friday, 25 January 2013

Early morning LOVE from HOME

What I did this morning:

Rich Boy kept turning towards the speakers because he could still recognise my voice after 3 years of my physical absence. My mummy had to hold his head for me to capture these shots!

He always jumps excitedly whenever I am on the speaker, chatting with my mum. Our critters never forget us. Their big LOVE is sooooo soul-nurturing, don't you think?


PS. I hope my mummy won't kill me for showing pictures of her without her dentures on...haha! I think it's fine, she is super AWESOME!!!!! Leave us comments if you agree :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Love from Sasa

Confession of the Month: I GOT ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK :(

Hence my absence from Blogville.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME, my blog pals. I think I must have lost all my followers due to my inconsistent presence on blogville. Again, my most sincere apology, from the bottom of my heart especially to Bert and Vickie; I wouldn't have started blogging if it weren't for their encouragement and Love.

My penance is to share these with you:

Sasa, looking for something to pounce on

My sweet girl. The wall stickers represent Rich Boy (the red dog) and Sasa (the pink cat) Hehe. I put those there before I left home.

Dim Sum, my friend's adopted kitten

Like father like son. He loves to read as much as my friend, Allen
The cutest little pink nose ever! I am IN LOVE with this fella.
Sasa, posing for the camera

Harley posing with the 'turkey'

Dim Sum, when he was a lot younger.

Fat Darwin would make such a great 'turkey' :P

I love pretty much ALL animals in the world!!!! I hope these are sufficient penance for my lack of comments and absence from Blogville, hehe.