Saturday 18 May 2013

RIP Einstein (2008-15 May 2013)

Dear Blogville,

Our sweet, little Einstein crossed the rainbow bridge a few days ago. He passed away peacefully in his sleep after a wonderful camping trip with Cindy and Bill. 

Einstein's resting place in their yard

Darwin, the fatty is Pooh and Einstein, the skinny one is Piglet. They have a special bond!

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Rest in peace, my sweet piggy

Harley saying goodbye to Einstein
This is the first time in my life that I have to deal with the loss of a pet. It is not easy!

To help me deal with the pain, I got myself a new 'pet' yesterday and named him Einstein Jr/!!! Will be posting photos soon.

I want to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Bill and Cindy for everything they have done for these piggies. Einstein had a wonderful life with us; SPOILT ROTTEN!


PS: May Blogville never forget this sweet little piggy.Just in case, these are some shots of our sweet Einstein, the Explorer!

Friday 3 May 2013

All I need is YOU

What our pets think at all times...

YOU plus yummy food, hehe!

Sunday 31 March 2013

Happy Easter, every paw and tail!!!

Here are some of the latest photos that I received from Cindy.

Piggies are enjoying Easter. Hope you are having fun too. I miss piggies soooo much!!!

Easter= nom, nom, nom!!! hehe

Look at that SWEET face!!!

What is it that Darwin had on his head? How could Darwin resist a TREAT?

Easter always reminds me of that first time I experienced Easter egg-hunting. It was CL who came up with the idea; letting a 28-year old experience something new ONCE. We coloured our eggs together, he hid them downstairs and I searched! Took me a while to find my last egg, hehe. In the following year, I asked him if we could do it again, and his reply was," Honey, that was a ONE-time deal, just so you can experience what we, Americans do as kids."

Love is when two people truly embrace and accept each other's individuality, SHARE and help one another reach greater heights!!! I experienced so many wonderful first-times when we were still together.

Our LOVE will never die...

Miss CL so much on Easter day.

Have a good one!!!


Saturday 30 March 2013


Days are getting longer...
Sun is out most days...
Flowers are blooming...
But, my pigs are no longer around...

I am feeling nostalgic.
I once had a HOME in Vancouver,
now I don't.

Rebuilding takes Time,
and Patience.

May Blogville never forget,
these two lovely guinea pigs.


Darwin, the Destroyer! He throws tantrum by flipping over the bowl, serious!

Living Life Large!!! :D
Einstein, the pig who shriek!!! (like a GIRL)

He has an innate curiosity unparalleled by other simple rodents. A true scientist in the making! :D

These photos were from a while back ago, sent to me from Cindy, the best granny EVER!!! I am soooo happy piggies are with her because they are so spoilt and pampered with LOVE.

I just wish I could hold them in my arms and hear them make those cute sounds again.


PS: I know I must have lost most of my followers. My bad! I am going home, FINALLY after close to 3 years :) for 6 weeks. Will be updating my blog with interesting travel stories, photos of FOOD and FUN places to share. You will get to see more of my dog and cat too. I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

Friday 25 January 2013

Early morning LOVE from HOME

What I did this morning:

Rich Boy kept turning towards the speakers because he could still recognise my voice after 3 years of my physical absence. My mummy had to hold his head for me to capture these shots!

He always jumps excitedly whenever I am on the speaker, chatting with my mum. Our critters never forget us. Their big LOVE is sooooo soul-nurturing, don't you think?


PS. I hope my mummy won't kill me for showing pictures of her without her dentures on...haha! I think it's fine, she is super AWESOME!!!!! Leave us comments if you agree :)

Thursday 24 January 2013

Love from Sasa

Confession of the Month: I GOT ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK :(

Hence my absence from Blogville.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME, my blog pals. I think I must have lost all my followers due to my inconsistent presence on blogville. Again, my most sincere apology, from the bottom of my heart especially to Bert and Vickie; I wouldn't have started blogging if it weren't for their encouragement and Love.

My penance is to share these with you:

Sasa, looking for something to pounce on

My sweet girl. The wall stickers represent Rich Boy (the red dog) and Sasa (the pink cat) Hehe. I put those there before I left home.

Dim Sum, my friend's adopted kitten

Like father like son. He loves to read as much as my friend, Allen
The cutest little pink nose ever! I am IN LOVE with this fella.
Sasa, posing for the camera

Harley posing with the 'turkey'

Dim Sum, when he was a lot younger.

Fat Darwin would make such a great 'turkey' :P

I love pretty much ALL animals in the world!!!! I hope these are sufficient penance for my lack of comments and absence from Blogville, hehe.


Saturday 29 December 2012

We have MORE cards coming!

My apology for the return of all those xmas cards for Sankissjuice and her critters :) It was an oversight on my part because I forgot that my residence would return all mails not addressed to the residents currently registered in the building.

Good news is I have been receiving more Xmas cards! Better late than never, I say :)

Just a quick note to say how much I love these cards and appreciate having them being displayed in my flat. My roomie loves them too. Makes our little place cosier and warmer. Lots of puppy love!!!! :)

Happy New Year, Blogville!!!! 2013 will be an even better year! Get ready to ROCK it! :D

I'll be back,

PS My apology for not leaving any comments lately. I am too busy trying to regain some semblance of a social life and distracting myself from unpleasant memories. I hardly ever spend any quiet time alone. Being alone in my room is not good right now.

PPS I just got back from Vegas!!!! And Rich Boy just had an awesome haircut. Will share his photos soon.