Thursday, 24 January 2013

Love from Sasa

Confession of the Month: I GOT ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK :(

Hence my absence from Blogville.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME, my blog pals. I think I must have lost all my followers due to my inconsistent presence on blogville. Again, my most sincere apology, from the bottom of my heart especially to Bert and Vickie; I wouldn't have started blogging if it weren't for their encouragement and Love.

My penance is to share these with you:

Sasa, looking for something to pounce on

My sweet girl. The wall stickers represent Rich Boy (the red dog) and Sasa (the pink cat) Hehe. I put those there before I left home.

Dim Sum, my friend's adopted kitten

Like father like son. He loves to read as much as my friend, Allen
The cutest little pink nose ever! I am IN LOVE with this fella.
Sasa, posing for the camera

Harley posing with the 'turkey'

Dim Sum, when he was a lot younger.

Fat Darwin would make such a great 'turkey' :P

I love pretty much ALL animals in the world!!!! I hope these are sufficient penance for my lack of comments and absence from Blogville, hehe.



  1. We love these photo's they are just adorable,it's lovely to see you back!xx Speedy and mum

    1. Speedy, I took a few photos of a very very cute giant Flamingo rabbit during the Children Christmas party in 2012. I was thinking of you at the time and wanted to share with you but my phone broke down and I lose the photos :( Must be the Mayan curse! :P See you soon in blogville.

  2. Welcome back!!

  3. Great photos! We end up using FB as a shortcut for blogging too. We love the ability to tell stories in our blog though!


  4. Welcome back.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  5. Another Facebook addict, eh? And all this while you are going to school and working towards a PhD? OK, we forgive you! Welcome back!

    Keep Calm & Bark On,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Welcome back, it is so great to see your post. What a bunch of cuties. I do a lot of FB myself. I am on there often. I hope you are doing ok right now. Come and visit Sasha.

    Anne and Sasha

    1. Sasha and Anne, how do I add you on fb? :) You'll get to see what cheeky things I have been up to and vice versa, haha!


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