Saturday, 23 June 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma Cindy

Today is my boyfriend's mother's birthday. I saw piggies discussing in their cage how to celebrate this special day with their granny. 

They would like to say a few words to their special granny. 

"Size does not matter, Einstein. Grandma loves me all the same."
D: First of all, granny, don't listen to mummy. I am not fat, not fatter either. See for yourself. Life is great!
E: Yeah, yeah. 
D: We asked mummy to prepare a special gift for you. 

"Mummy, please be quick. I need to pee-pee." Darwin rolling his eyes.

E: Two Gerty's Crunchers with apple and blackberry flavours. It's specially for you since we don't like them.
D: NO! We love these. That's why we are giving you the best we have. Soooo, can I have a granny shield now? 

D (to Einstein): How many times do I have to teach you? You won't survive in the wild if you talk like that, you dummy.

More on granny's shields in the upcoming post(s). 

E: OK, OK. And two more berry flavored treats for you, grandma. Mum found out Koreans wear a special headgear called jokduri on special occasions. So, we are really doing this for you. 
D: He made me do it! Only girls wear jokduri, you dummy.   

A Korean woman wearing jokduri, a headgear worn on special occasions e.g. wedding. ( Source: Wikipedia)

D&E: In short, we give you our kinda heart-shaped treats. Happy Birthday, Granny!!!!! We love you so much.

D (whisper): Don't forget the granny's shield.


  1. Idk what happened because before we couldn't find your blog link or else we would have come by sooner! Great post. The conversation really got us in the action BOL!

    Your friends,

    Murphy and Stanley

    1. Bert just successfully converted us. Our new religion is Bertism and the first commandment is Thy Shall Have A Blog :) Thank you so much for visiting us and leaving a paw print.

  2. Hey glad you are hear. Bertism, Bawhahhaha. If that buddy of mine didn't already have a big head he does now. I like the fluffy butts in that photo. Don't let them near Allred. I know you adore him, but he would gobble them up in no time.

  3. What a cute blog. I came over from Bert's blog and will now be following you too.


    1. I have also just subscribed to your blog. Will be hearing from me all the time :) Thank you for visiting!

  4. Me is just so happy that yous has started a new blog! Me loves that yous lives Allred too! Me thinks Allred is the bestest bad cat in the world (next to mes).
    Me is now going to be your follower too!

  5. Look under "Design", go into "Settings", then look under "Posts and Comments" and it is the "Comments Message Form". Just enter what you want there. Good luck!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Hi Sankissjuice, I love your new Blog! - I really love your new religion "Bertism" because Bert is my one and only and he has the best friends all over the world! And I love Nellie - and YES even Allred...
    Wellcome to Blogville - hope to meet you soon again! Sealed with a kiss Charlotte

  7. Hi Sankissjuice , nice to meet you and we liked your blog and are looking forward to more.
    Have a happy Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Hey guys, welcome to blogville, Darwin & Einstein are funny!!!!! Looking forward to more adventures.

    Your right "Thy Shall Have A Blog" is so much fun, and there is so many furends, it's one big family.

    Susie & Sidebite

  9. You know, you do sort of look like you're wearing jokduri in those pictures... ha roo roo roo! (Our mom & dad lived in Korea for a couple years and are very familiar with those!)
    Play bows,

  10. HI.... we chatted through Email and I didn't know where to find your blog... until I discovered on BERT's Blog that YOU are... GULP the ALLRED FAN. NOTE the SINGULAR. FAN

    Glad that I have found your blog. I will see about getting into your Following... ALTHOUGH I MUST say.. Allred SCARES the POOPS outta me.. butt I really AM glad that he has A FAN .

    PEE S... you probably don't even KNOW THIS... butt you have that VERY VERY difficult DOUBLE WORD VERIFICATION thingy turned on. It makes it TERRIBLY DIFFICULT for readers to Comment... It CAN be turned off easily.. if you so desire.

  11. OKAY. !!! Wheeeee I am set up as your 6th. Follower... however, I must say that I Will READ but probably won't have time to comment.. with the Word Varification thing taking soooooo long to get right each time.

  12. that was really sweet of you two!

  13. HI Sun Nee
    I forgot to tell you about that word verification thing that makes everybody so frustrated. I'll send you an email today and show you where it is so you can turn it off if you want to.

    Me and My Vickie are so excited to be your first followers and good friends.

    we can't wait to read more about you and your family.


  14. 그 돼지쥐 너무 뚱뚱하지...


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