Friday, 22 June 2012

The Inseparable Brothers

"Peekaboo! My name is Darwin. I just want to say hello."
Darwin, the dominant brother aka Fat Boy or The Notorious P.I.G. He lives for two things i.e. eating and stealing food off his brother. But, he is extremely attached to Einstein.

"I'm freaking out. What is it you have pointing at my face? Mummy, I am going to poop if you don't put me back in my cage!"

 Einstein, the pig who freaks out over every little thing yet he loves to explore new surroundings. He is the skinny one because he frequently gets bored from eating. Guess who gets the bulk of the food?

"WELCOME to our blog!"


  1. Cindy said she can't comment. Testing testing

  2. Trying this for time 3 before heading out for my birthday supper. These are my little grandpigs. We are looking forward to having them come to Georgia. They are so sweet. We got to visit them in Vancouver. I know they will not like the flight here, but they will like the love we'll give..hehehe I love to hear their little noises. Darwin is a pig for real.... Einstein loves to squeal. They are both so cute!

  3. Good to meet you guys!
    Play bows,

  4. Which is the one that takes after you?


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