Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Just like Arnold, after a rather long hiatus, I'm back! Well, more like WE're back!

On the 31st of July, I said good-bye to my beloved piggies and my CL. They all left for Georgia to be with Grandma Cindy and Uncle Bill. So, our cutie pigs are officially American pigs now but I know, they are still proud to be Canadians.

When we first reached the PetSafe Courier office, piggies were really terrified from the strange noise and unfamiliar scent.

Then, I saw Darwin whispering Survival 101 to Einstein and they both huddled close together for comfort. We are so glad they have each other and hopefully will always be together. 

"Bro, the tip is EAT MORE and you already know this, DRINK LOTS. And STAY CLOSE to me."
Piggies have each other for comfort. They feel safe like this.

I gave them the last hugs from me. It was very painful. CL said he was surprised to see me so attached to my pigs since I behave like Cruella de Vil to him.
Saying goodbye to my Fat Boy. I miss your puffy face and shock-absorbing body :)

Just a pig mummy cradling her little ones, for the last time
 Truth is, I said to him, " Do you realise this may be the last time I will ever see piggies again?"

Einstein loves to perch on our shoulders. He calmed down immediately after I placed him there.

We made sure they had plenty of dry pellets and hay in their travel crate. They were familiarised with their crate a couple of months before their BIG day i.e. their first international flight.

Lots of hay and a towel with their stench scent to keep them calm

Plenty of dry pellets which I'm sure Darwin ate most

After a little bit of an adventure in Chicago, piggies did arrive safely in Georgia. Despite all the frustrations and stress on CL and Cindy, piggies were whistling and wheeking, untouched. Happy and cute as always.

They now have a very beautiful cage and a lovely home with sweet Harley as their pig-sitter. Life is great for piggies. Cindy gives them A LOT, A LOT of Love and I am very pleased and grateful to Cindy and Bill.

Impressive Harley on duty. 'Pig-sitting' requires a lot of disciple;she has to resist her natural instinct not to chase
On the 27th of August, CL left Georgia for Seoul to start his 10-month research stint under the prestigious Fulbright scholarship. Cindy managed to capture this touching moment of CL saying goodbye to his pig (he HATES having his photo taken). Isn't it beautiful? 

"Make sure you EAT when I am away, k? Don't let Fatty steal all your food."

We are all very proud of him so Cindy and piggies collaborated in a project to send him off in colours. 

Einstein's message to pig daddy

Darwin loves his daddy too

Not having them (CL and piggies) with me is the reason I have been MIA from blogville. My blog's mission is to spread some happiness through tales from my pets and there just wasn't much Happiness for a while. I am so grateful and thankful to Bert's Vickie for her encouragement and support through this difficult period; we were both grieving in our ways.

Good news is I am back for good now. Lots of Enthusiasm and Happiness to spread. Check back soon as I will be posting photos of piggies' new home, cage and toys. Inspired by Bouncing Bertie, I am also going to start a Science Corner staring all my pets and my pet friends in Blogville. I have several great plans coming up soon, one of which is an award giveaway.

Stay tuned, blogville! 

I'm back,


  1. Harrrooo mates! Fulbright scholar- very very impressive! Happy husky wooooos!


  2. Yay, great to see you back. We are happy the pigs made it safely to their new home. And mega congrats to CL on that scholarship. Mom says that is quite the achievement.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. WOW... A FULBRIGH SCHOLAR !!! Congratulations. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad that you are back with us!!!

  4. Glad to have you back and to see that your piggies made it to their new home safely.


  5. Wellcome back my dear! We are so glad to have you in Blogville again! And there are many news... I'll soon have a virtual date with my beloved Bert and I know he will ask my the question of the questions...
    Big Hug your Charlotte

  6. Glad to have you back and that your piggies are safely in GA!
    I didn't see an email address for you, so I hope you don't mind me answering your question here:
    As per your question on the iPhone - Apple updated the camera either on the iPhone 4 or 3GS, I can't remember which! Still, I was very happy with the one in the iPhone 3. It's not always the equipment that makes the difference, it's how you use it! :) Most of the blog pix I post are taken with my iPhone - however, I also use a NikonP90. As cameras go, it's not real fancy ... but it meets my needs. If you go to my FlickR account (just click a photo on the blog), each photo lists what type of camera I used - over in the right hand margin.
    Don't forget you can also edit your photos - to enhance them, add special effects, or watermark them. (I have learned to always watermark my photos now with a copyright as people have taken photos off my blog without my permission -- a major no-no!) You can use countless iPhone apps (I use several!) or photo editing programs on your computer. I really like PhotoShop Elements.
    I hope that answers your question! Please don't hesitate to ask any more!
    On behalf of the boys -

  7. Welcome back. Glad the piggies made it to the states safe and sound.

  8. sounds like you have had a lot on your plate lately. Glad the piggies are safe and things are settled enough for you to start blogging again. welcome back

  9. Yeah.....We are so so glad you are back and blogging. We missed your blogs. We know it is sad to be all alone up there with the piggies and the boyfriend gone but we know you will find many ways to entertain us blogville residents with all your adventures and those of all the animals you come in contact with. Can't wait to see the education part.

    Bert and My Vickie

  10. Mommy says your boyfriend is smart. If you want us to visit your piggies to say hello, we will. We live in Atlanta. We will bring some Kale and orange slices with us.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  11. Glad you are back! Goodbyes are always so hard!
    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  12. I am so happy you are back blogging. I hope Einstein and Darwin are very happy after their travels. Saying goodbye is so hard, I hope you are feeling ok now. Wow how great about CL, good luck to him. I can't wait to read more of your posts in the weeks to come

    Loveys Sasha

  13. Hay your back :) So pleased Piggies had a safe happy journey :)

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. My you've been through the ringer :( So glad you are back and that Einstein and Darwin are happy in GA :) Catch up with ya more soon! :D

    Waggin at ya,


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