Sunday, 9 September 2012

Monday Musings

Last weekend, Cindy sent me these heart-warming photos. I was supposed to be working on my thesis but many of you commented that I should go out for some fun, so I did. More on that later, maybe tomorrow.

Can you see the bell hanging on the side? Piggies chew on it for fun.
Now everyone can see Darwin's full-bodied figure :)
Einstein never lets go any chance to chew.He is chewing the paper here.
Darwin showing his best feature i.e his big, round bun.
It's OK, this is good too. Apples will be best!
Einstein contemplating Science, again
Do you love the colour of their fleece bedding? I think it really contrasts well with piggies' coat.

Needless to say, piggies are very pampered with Love and Care. Thank you, Cindy and Bill! 


PS: I am too lazy today to mark every single photo so I am just going to state here in bold: all photos and text are copyrighted to Please ask for permission before use :)


  1. We like the pinkie blanket. Have a really lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. The little guys look like they are happy.

  3. They are so cute and definitely look well cared for in their new home.


  4. Hehehehehehe...okays I just cackled like a hyena readin' you foto disclaimer.
    I likes to show my butt off a lot too so if yu got it off I say.


    1. It makes me very happy too to know that we made you laugh :) Yes, flaunt it if you have it is my life's motto!

  5. Great pics! Piggies are looking well and happy!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Pink is very definately their color!


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